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lush environments oil painting by Suzanne PackerWishing Is Having
40 x 30, Oil

Lush Environments

Oil Paintings
by Suzanne M. Packer

Artist Statement

"Mexico City, London, New York, Boston, Cape Cod, these living environments have influenced my painting. As different as these places were, a common thread of color, movement and mood runs through all of my work. I am known for large still life paintings, which use color and pattern to bring the viewer into, through and around the painting.

I believe very strongly that the painting must create a mood, inspire an emotion, to cause the viewer to linger. I use the still life object, the figure or the landscape as the starting point and create a strong composition around that point. Then color is added to my brushes and I paint from somewhere inside myself.

Lush still life environments, landscapes creating a sense of place, paintings that are often timeless, are the results. This is what I create."
Suzanne M Packer signature


View these pages to see my original oil paintings on canvas. Some are painted on-site, fighting with the elements of nature. Some are painted in my large, sunlit studio near the Bass River. The Studio is surrounded by my wild, unruly garden, which is its own riot of color. Cape Cod, winter or summer has wonderful light and waters to inspire this artist.


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